Game Lore


There once was a lost world. A story of monsters and humans. They lived among each other for centuries. But something was happening. The world was changing. The world was dying. 

There were three main continents in this realm: Lemuria, Mu, and Atlantis. Mu was at the center of these continents. It flourished from fertile soil and natural resources, inevitably leading to the uprising of the wealthy city Scepia. Scepia is the largest city in all of the continents. 

Lemuria lies just east of Mu. Its a continent of natural beauty. From a dense forest, to a vast desert, Lemuria is an land of wilds. There are very few, very small towns that exist in Lemuria.

Far to the west lies Atlantis. It is set out in the ocean much farther away from the other continents. There is mysterious activity that can be seen going on in Atlantis but no one is quite sure what is happening there. 

This world was abundant with life and sustainability. However, it all came to an unfortunate halt after an evil sorcerer managed to dupe a high ranking knight into opening a dimensional rift. A cloud of smog protruded from this rift and drifted over the world. The world became dark, the monsters became cursed, and the world began to die.


World Map... (draft v1.08)