Wing Crafting

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Wings can be equipped to greatly increase your character stats! Rare wing items may have other powerful additional options bound to them as well. Wings are obtained through crafting. However, it requires expensive materials, like a Celestial Crystal!



Wings Crafting Ingredients:

- Celetstial Crystal x1
- Jewel of Bless x1
- Jewel of Soul x1
- Jewel of Chaos x1 


How to craft wing items

- Wings can be crafted at the Celestial Forge!
- There is 75% chance to craft one wing item.
- The type of wing which is crafted in random.
- The is a rare chance to craft wings with additional options. (2% chance)


*There is a 25% chance that you will get nothing when attempting to craft wings, and all ingredients will be destroyed.*



How to obtain Celetstial Crystal

- Celetstial Crystal can be crafted at the Celestial Forage.

- It requires combining 100 Celestial Crystal Shards together.

- You can obtain Celestial Crystal Shards from Cursed Forest loot chests, and other loot boxes.


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