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Last updated: June 01, 2022



Forgotten Lands: Online is an exciting ORPG based on various fictional tales of utopias. There are three main continents in this realm: Lumerya, Mu, and Atlantis. Mu was at the center of these continents, flourishing with fertile soil and livestock which promoted trade and wealth. Mu was host to a huge empire and a massive army. Lumerya, east of Mu, was a place of natural beauty. Here, Elves protect their sacred land and build their cities carefully. Far to the west lies Atlantis. It is set far out from the other continent and not much is actually known about what goes on there. This world was abundant with life and sustainability. However, it all came to an unfortunate halt after an evil sorcerer managed to dupe a high ranking knight into summoning a powerful demon. The demon then opened a dimensional rift from another realm where monsters pass through almost endlessly. Now the lands are flooded with cursed monsters which wander aggressively attacking anyone on sight. Join the Royal Empire and fight to bring the lands back to their former beauty and glory! 







Install / Uninstall Details

When you install the game, the install location cannot be changed. The game must install to the following location: 

C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\Forgotten Lands Online\

If you uninstall the game, some files will remain on your computer at this location. To fully remove all files associated with our game, you must go to this location and manually delete the rest of the files.