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December 11, 2021 (*updated Dec. 17)

We are proud to release our Alpha 1.05 update! In this update you can now create the new Mage character class! You'll also be able to find a new resource spot known as Blood Trees. These can be harvested for Wood and Bloody Sap by using a Blood Axe. Blood Axe is a new item which is now dropped exclusively by Alpha monsters (1% drop rate). Other changes include NPC shop changes, crafting requirement changes, and other gaame improvements.


Mage - New Character Class

- Skills: Magic Ball, Fire Ball, Cursed Ball, Flame
- Weapons: Wand of Magic, Stick of Fire, Staff of Curse
- Armors: Leather items, Bone items
- Shields: Small Shield, Element Shield
- Wings: Angelic Wings


Knight - Character Class Changes

- Changed skill name "Lunge" -> Slash.
- Altered all existing skills.
- Added new skill icons.
- The Knight's Attack stat is now increased by 2 points per character level. (previously increased by 1).


New Items

- Mana Crystals: ammo for various Mage class weapons
- Blood Axe: used to harvest Blood Trees
- Bloody Sap: will be used for item crafting


Blood Tree - Resource Spot

- Added a new resource spot: Blood Tree (requires Blood Axe to harvest).


Monster Drops

- All alpha monsters now have a 1% chance to drop the new Blood Axe tool item.
- Added Wand of Magic, Stick of Fire, and Staff of Curse to all monster drops.
- Added Bone armor items to all monster drops.
- Added Orb of Fire Ball, Orb of Flame, Orb of Cursed Ball to all monster drops. 
- Updated which monsters drop which Knight class skill item.
- Removed / added some items from existing monster drops.


Weapon Transformer - Crafting

- Added item transformations: Wand of Magic, Stick of Fire, Staff of Curse.
- Lessened the amount of items required for all item transformations.


Black Smith - NPC

- Added item upgrade crafting for Bone armor items, and Wand, Stick, and Staff weapon items.
- Lessened the amount of items required for all item upgrades.


Alexander - Shop

- Added items: Bone Gloves, Bone Boots


Magician - Shop

- Added items: Wand of Magic +2, Stick of Fire +2, Bone Gloves +2, Bone Boots +2


Lair Token Shop

- Added items: Lair Entry Ticket - cost: x8 Lair Tokens


Devil Square

- Added Devil Square Ranking page:
- Monsters no longer spawn over-time. A hoard of monsters will always be spawned, and continue to respawn during the event.
- Players are now removed from the Devil Square arena and moved to the reward area immediately after the event closes.
- You can exit the Devil Square reward area after the event has ended by speaking to the Guard NPC.
- Any player remaining in Devil Square after 2 minutes will be automatically removed from the area.
- Resolved issue about monster spawning and multiplayer activity.
- Created Devil Square difficulty system with Character Level restrictions to enter each difficulty.


Golden Monster Lairs

- Updated the way the Golden Monster Lair entrances "close" and "reopen."


Other Changes

- Updated the in-game clock system and how time-based events are triggered.
- Updated lots of GUI.
- Fixed player graphic display issues.
- Monsters will now become unaggressive and return to their respawn location once they've moved too far away.



- You will notice the Mage equipment items (with item level greater than +4, or of an item rarity) have a different graphical appearance when equipped than Knight equipment items. We are testing this graphics idea out, and if players like it, we will update the appearance of the Knight items as well. If players don't like it, we will change the Mage items to appear like the Knight items. (Mage items have a colored glow effect around the item, while Knight items have the entire item color changed.)