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Season (Alpha v1.06)
February 20, 2022


Boss Monsters (new feature!)

- Added the Skeleton Warrior boss monster - found in the Eastern Cavern in Lorencia.
- Boss monster loot appears on the ground for any player which attacked it.
- Boss monsters have a 20% chance to drop Lair Entry Tickets.
- Boss monsters have a very rare chance to drop Legendary Items.
- Boss monsters have long respawn times; the Skeleton Warrior respawns after 2 hours.



- Bloody Sap item is now required for +7, +8, and +9 item level upgrades.
- Added crafting for Angelic Wings and Halo Wings.


Monster Changes

- Devil Square monsters can now drop Lair Entry Tickets. (0.5% drop rate)
- Golden Skeleton's base damage was corrected (65 -> 30).


New NPCs

- Barmaid: located in Lorencia bar, sells food items which give small buffs for a short time period.
- Portal Worker: you can use their portal to warp to various locations for a Zen fee.
-  Guard (protector): fights monsters that come too close to the southern Lorencia gate. He will protect you if you are close enough to him.
- Guard: they walk around Lorencia. They have no purpose for now.


NPC Changes

- General Shop: relocated just outside of the Lorencia bar.
- Mark: relocated to just outside the Lorencia bar.
- Rob: after finishing the Find Rob's Ring quest, he will now appear in the Lorencia bar.


Devil Square Changes

- The Gold Chest no longer guarantees a Demonic Hide; the chance to obtain Demonic Hide in Gold Chest has decreased from 100% -> 75%
- The Silver Chest's chance to obtain Demonic Hide has increased from 0.2% -> 2%.
- The Bronze Chest's chance to obtain Demonic Hide has increased from 0.05% -> 0.2%.


Map Changes

- Lorencia got a new look and had various things moved around, like NPCs.
- Added new music when in the city and changed the music in Lenardo's House.


Other Changes

-  Developer-only test server is live; we will now build and develop only on our test server to avoid any technical issue or interruption.
- Game maintenance system is being developed for game updates. The game's server may be down for maintenance during major updates. There will be a notice on the website if the server is down for maintenance.
- Server data save system is live; we will now back up server data before and after any maintenance to ensure no data is lost. Also, if a roll back is ever needed, it will aid with data loss.