Combat Details

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Combat Details

- Current max Character Level: 35
- On character death, you can drop items in your inventory.

- Each item in your inventory has a 20% Chance to drop any time your character dies.
- When a character dies it will usually drop more than one item on character death.
- Items drops will not appear to other users for 20 seconds.
- Once item ownership ends, items on the ground disappear after 40 seconds.
- Characters lose 2% EXP on character death.



Character Stat Details

Your character's damage in calculated depending on which style of attacking is used.

- Attack: Increases damage when using a weapon.

When attacking with a weapon, the weapon's base damage is increased by your character's Attack stat. All weapons list how much your Attack stat will increase the damage. For example, "Attack DMG +20%." You'll literally see 20% of your Attack stat value be applied to your damage.

- Skill Power: Increase damage when using a combat skill and increases the effect of buff skills.

When attacking with a skill, the skill's base damage is increased by your character's Skill Power stat. All skills list how much your Skill Power stat will increase the damage. For example, "Skill PWR DMG +120%." You'll literally see 120% of your Skill Power stat value be applied to your damage.

- Defense: Decreases the amount of incoming damage of pysical attacks.

- Magic Resistance: Decreases the amount of incoming damage of magic attacks.

- Speed: Increases attacking and movement speed. (it will not increase skill speed of attacks with a static speed.)



Skill Effect Details

There are extra effects to some skill which each have a unique effect on the target.

- Silence: blocks the use of skills / spells.

- Stun: stuns the target.

- Snare: prevents the target from moving.

- Blind: causes the target to miss attacks.

- Stealth: the target becomes invisible.

- Transform: changes the target's sprite graphic.

- Cleanse: removes all status effects on the character.

- Invulnerable: makes the target invinsible (doesn't recieve any damage counters)

- Shield: adds overflowing health points to the target's health bar; e.i. it creates a shield that must be destroyed in order for HP to be damaged. It disappears after the effect's duration.

 - Sleep: same as snare, but shows the word "Sleep" on the screen.

- Onhit: ? (onhit: this indicates that if for example you are doing a spell of healing or damage of time, here it indicates the time between attack and attack or healing and healing.)???
Tuant: it creates noise to attract enimies towards you.



Party Details

- Party members share loot, EXP, and common events!
- EXP & common event share range: 14 tiles
- Max of 3 party members total.



EXP System Details

The EXP system will flux depending on Character Level vs. Monster Level.

- If Character Level value is at least 10% lesser than the Monster's level, the character earns bonus EXP. 
- If Character Level value is within 10% of the Monster's level, the character earns full Base EXP. 
- If Character Level value is at least 10% greater than the Monster's level, the character earns a reduced EXP amount.
- EXP amounts flux between 110% (bonus), 100% (base), 80%, 50%, down to a minimum of 20% EXP. 
- If in a party, the monster's killer gains their normal amount of EXP. All Party Members in range will gain 1/4 of the EXP each individual would have earned if they were the killer. (For example: if a character earns 100 EXP from killing a Spider solo, then they will earn 25 EXP when any character in their party kills a Spider monster.)

*note: EXP gain amounts from monsters level 8 or less are manually edited.



PVP Details

There is a PVP System and dedicated areas that PVP can be held.

- There is a PVP area located at the west gate of Scepia's city.
- You must be at least level 8 to enter the area.
- A warning message will appear on your screen when you are about to enter the area.

- Normal character death conditions apply if you die in the PVP area (items will drop on death).
- When you kill another player, your character's PK Count will increase.
- To exit the pvp area, you have to go around the fence to the portal.

- You can clear your PK Count for x10,000 Zen by talking with the Arena Guard.
- When you clear your PK Count, you will earn PK Tokens based on your current PK Count.

- PK Tokens can be used to buy various items in the PK Shop.
- Talk to the Arena Guard to open the PK Shop.

PK Shop Items:

- Large HP Potion: 1 token
- Attack Scroll: 3 tokens
- Skill Scroll: 3 tokens
- Defense Scroll: 3 tokens
- Magic Resist Scroll: 3 tokens
- Speed Scroll: 4 tokens
- Rare Item Ticket: 100 tokens


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