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Guilds can be formed in order for a large group of characters to stay connected and help each other out.

- A Guild can be created at Character Level 10.
- All Guilds that are inactive for 30 days will be automatically deleted.
- When a Guild is auto deleted, all items in the Guild's Bank will be deleted as well.


Guild Ranks

Members of a Guild can hold different Ranks which allow for different permissions of the Guild:

- Master: All permissions
- Assistant: All permissions, except disban (x10 members)
- Member: Can send invites and use Guild Bank (x90 members)
- Newbie: No permissions (No member limit)

*the Guild Master can transfer the ownership of the Guild to another member.


Guild Bank

Members will be able to deposit and withdraw items from a Guild Bank. It is much like you're character's bank, except all Guild Members have access to it!


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