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Cursed Forest is a multiplayer mini-game monster spawning event which happens at certain times of the day. It is located in a remote area in the far southern region of Arakhora. Because of its location, it's mostly only possible to travel there by boat. It seems that the monsters here endlessly and regularly spawn, making it a great place for training and looting. You’re encouraged to participate in the mini-game to help control the flow of monsters. All participants, which survive the entire mini-game, will be rewarded graciously for their effort. Additionally, the player which kills the most monsters during the mini-game will win special rewards.


How to enter Cursed Forest

Quest completion required: Tutorial - Cursed Forest
Items required: Zen (x3,000) or Pass: Cursed Forest.

Walk to the dock in the far south-eastern part of Scepia.
Follow the path and it will lead you through some trees to a dock.
Talk to the Sailor to travel to the Cursed Forest area.
Give the Sailor either Zen or a Pass in exchange to travel to Cursed Forest.
Wait for the Cursed Forest portal to open. (every hour after xx:10 and xx:30 minutes)
Walk into the Cursed Forest portal once it appears.

Cursed Forest Schedule

The portal opens every hour at:

:10 minutes after the top of the hour
:30 minutes after the top of the hour

The portal will close 5 minutes after it opens.

How to play

Players enter different difficulty levels of Cursed Forest based on their level.
When you walk onto the portal, you will be asked if you want to enter.
When you enter, you will be moved to a room full of monsters!

You will want to kill as many monsters as possible in order to earn Event Points.
Killing higher level monsters earns higher amounts of Event Points per kill.
Continue to kill monsters until the mini-game ends.
The mini-game ends after 5 minutes.
When the mini-game ends all players are immediately moved to the reward area.
In the reward area players have 4 minutes to claim a reward from the reward chests.
The player that earns the most Event Points (at least 500) can claim a reward from the Gold Chest.
All other surviving participants can claim a reward from the Silver Chest.
However if a player did not earn at least 500 Event Points, the player can only claim the Bronze Chest.
Players can leave the Cursed Forest reward area via the portal in the area.
After the 4 minute reward period ends, all players will be automatically warpped to the Cursed Forest safe zone.


You must earn at least 500 Event Points in order to claim a reward from the Gold or Silver reward chest.
You will be removed from the mini-game if you log out of the game while in Cursed Forest.
If you reenter the Cursed Forest Portal, your Event Points will be reset to zero.
You can only enter the Cursed Forest Portal four times within a 24 hour period.
You can check your Cursed Forest entry count and the time it resets via the Cursed Forest Guard in the safe zone.


Cursed Forest Difficulty Levels

Cursed Forest 1: Level 6 ~ Level 35
Cursed Forest 2: Level 36 ~ Level ?




Bronze Reward Chest

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Silver Reward Chest

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Gold Reward Chest

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Unique monster settings:

Item Drops:

Magic Pickaxe (1% drop rate chance)
Golden Lair Ticket (0.5% drop rate chance)


EXP Settings:

In Cursed Forest, you will always gain Base EXP per monster kill regardless of EXP System.
EXP Server Multiplier doesn't apply to EXP gained in Cursed Forest.
When in a party, Base EXP is shared evenly with Party Members.
(For example, if you kill a Spider monster in a party of 2 characters, they character's will split 10 EXP. Therefore, each character would gain 5 EXP per Spider kill.)



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