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Resources are items that can be harvested from the map with tool items.

Each resource has a specific tool that must be used in order to be able to harvest it.

All tools have durability, which may decrease randomly according to which resource is being harvested.



Types of Resources

Trees: harvested via Axe.
Veins: harvested via Pickaxe.


Types of Tool Items

Metal Axe: purchased via NPC Blacksmith.
Blood Axe: dropped via [Alpha] monsters.

Metal Pickaxe: purchased via NPC Blacksmith.
Magic Pickaxe: dropped by monsters in Cursed Forest. 


Types of Harvestable Resources

Wood: harvested from any tree.

Bloody Sap: harvested from Blood Trees.

Metal Ore: harvested from any Metal Vein.

Stones: harvested from any Vein.



Types of Stones (by rarity)

Magic Stone: used as the base ingredient to assemble stone fragments.
Energy Stone: used as energy for basic crafting.
Creation Stone: used as energy for advanced crafting.
Power Stone: used for basic item upgrades.
Soul Stone: used to advanced item upgrades.
Vigor Stone: ???
Guardian Stone: ???



Small Tree: regenerates after 5 minutes.
Normal Tree: regenerates after 6 minutes.

Blood Tree: regenerates after 90 minutes.
(30 minutes in boss zone / 2 minutes in Cursed Forest)

Small Tree
(any axe)
Large Tree
(any axe)
Blood Tree
(Blood Axe required)

Wood (98%)

Wood (100%)

Bloody Sap (100%)

Wood (10%)

Wood (30%) Wood (98%)

Wood (2%)

Wood (10%) Wood (2%)



Metal Vein: regenerates after 15 minutes
(5 minutes in boss zone / 1 minute in Cursed Forest)

Magic Stone Veins regenerate after 45 minutes.
(20 minutes in boss zone / 2 minutes in Cursed Forest)

Metal Vein
(Any pickaxe)
Magic Stone Vein
(Magic Pickaxe only)

Metal Ore x1 ~ x3

Magic Stone Fragment x23 ~ x142

Energy Stone Fragment x1 ~ x2

Energy Stone Fragment x1 ~ x2

Creation Stone Fragment x1 ~ x2

Creation Stone Fragment x1 ~ x2


Power Stone Fragment x1 ~ x2


Soul Stone Fragment x1 ~ x2


Vigor Stone Fragment x1


Boss Zone & Cursed Forest resource spots

Resources respawn quicker in certain game areas:

Cursed Forest
Krojan boss zone



[this page was last updated on Oct 17, 2022 - "Alpha v1.11"]

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