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Guilds can be formed to connect with other players!

A Guild can be created at Character Level 10.

A guild will be considered "stale" if no guild member logs into the game for 90 consecutive days.

A guild that goes stale will be deleted from the game server.


The guild master can invite another player to the guild from the target window.


Guild Ranks

Guild masters can assign members different ranks in the guild.


Each rank allows players certain permissions within the guild:

Assistant: allowed promote / kick / invite / guild bank.
Member: allowed invite / guild bank.
Newbie: no permissions allowed.

There is a limit to how many members can be assigned a rank.

Assistant: x10 members max
Member: x90 members max


The guild master can use "transfer" option to transfer the ownership of the guild to another member.

Guild transfer cannot be undone.



Guild Bank

When a guild is created, members of each guild can access their own guild bank.

Only guild members that are ranked above "Newbie" will have access to the guild bank.

If a guild is deleted, or goes stale, all items in the guild bank will be deleted.


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